Unipack Self-seal Sterilization Pouches

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• Dual External Indicators
• Easy to read “Color Changing Indicators” printed on each pouch assuring proper sterilization process by Steam and Ethylene Oxide
• Built-in Internal Indicator
• For Steam Process – to ensure the proper temperature is reached inside the pouch
• Complete Film/Paper Separation
• Clean separation (peeling) of the 4-ply see-thru film from the medical grade paper maintains sterility of contents until their use
• Blue-Tinted Transparent Film
• For easier identification of contents and possible punctures by the contrast of color
• Triple Seal & Heat Processed
• For a seal that is consistent and strong which eliminates shattering and tearing
• Wide Self-Seal Adhesive Strip
• Easy-seal flap to ensure the integrity of contents after sterilization process

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