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Prophy Paste

Prophy Paste



Qty: 200/Box.

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Prophy Paste For polishing the tooth surface, achieves a high shine quickly Disposable for Patient Safety Dental Material TPE, Latex Free, 4-Webbed Qty:100/box Prophy paste is used to remove stains that a regular toothbrush and toothpaste cannot completely remove. Prophy paste is coarser than regular toothpaste, making it more effective in removing stains and smoothing the surfaces of teeth. Prophy paste is made with unique particles which aid in polishing teeth. Use any commercially available prophy angle/rubber cup combination. To fill the cup press the cup face into the paste while running the angle at low speed. To avoid overheating the tooth surface, maintain sufficient paste in the cup throughout the procedure.

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Brand MARK3
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