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Metricide-Plus 30 Sterilzing and Disinfecting Solution

Metricide-Plus 30 Sterilzing and Disinfecting Solution


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Brand: Metricide-Plus
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3.4% GLUTARALDEHYDE RUST INHIBITOR, EXTRA-STRENGTH SOLUTION FOR THE STERILIZATION AND DISINFECTION OF IMMERSIBLE MEDICAL AND DENTAL INSTRUMENTS MetriCide Plus 30 may be reused up to 28 days, assuming the minimum effective concentration of glutaraldehyde, as measured by a chemical indicator, remains within acceptable parameters and other conditions of use are met. MetriTest™ 1.8% Test Strips are a glutaraldehyde concentration monitor for use in glutaraldehyde-containing germicide solutions with a minimum effective concentration (MEC) of 1.8% glutaraldehyde. It is recommended to test the glutaraldehyde solution prior to each use to help prevent healthcare-acquired infections (HAIs).

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Brand Metricide-Plus
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