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Jeltrate® Plus Alginate - Fast Set

Jeltrate® Plus Alginate - Fast Set


Jeltrate® Plus Alginate - Regular Set or Fast Set

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The high algin content of jeltrate alginate impression material fast set provides for a quality impression without the excessive flow you will find in alginate fast set materials with lower algin content. By eliminating excessive flow, jeltrate impression materials allow your patients a level of comfort that cannot be found in other alginate impression materials. - Jeltrate® Plus / Jeltrate plus alginate is suitable for use in the fabrication of casts for most removable partial denture frameworks, mouthguards and custom trays - This antimicrobial dustless alginate impression material has more align for increased tear strength, creamier and smoother impressions. - Reduces microorganisms by 99% Features and Benefits of Jeltrate plus fast set: • Consistent mix for very smooth models • High tear strength for easy removal from undercuts without tearing • Non-slump formula for patient comfort

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Brand Jeltrate Plus
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