Centrix Benda Bristle Applicators

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The original bendable applicator. Benda Brushes are economical, multi-purpose applicators that make color coding procedures a snap. With chemical-resistant fibers that hold up to the harshest dental materials, Benda Brushes can be used to easily place whitening agents, etchants, bonding agents, sealants, desensitizers, adhesives and resins. The molded head design allows Benda Brushes to bend to any angle with no bounce back. The non-linting, non-absorbent fibers have a greater carrying capacity, ensuring better spreading and smoothing action. All Benda Brushes are disposable, eliminating cleanup and cross-contamination. Benda Brushes are available in single colors or in an assorted pack and come in 2 sizes for large and small application needs. • Single-ended bristle brush • Fine point, white bristles • Perfect for when you need to apply more than a drop of material

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